Microblading After Care Instructions

Day One:

Wash eyebrows with warm water and mild soap (preferably Cetaphil) every two hours and apply thin layer of ointment. DO NOT use “dry method” of healing.

Keep hands clean when touching the skin to avoid infection. Avoid working out due to sweat and possible infection. 

No make-up


If needed you may use ice to reduce swelling for ten minute increments. Please insure that ice is in a clean and sanitized bag. Wrap towel around ice to ensure not too much water gets on the eyebrows. 

Day two: 

Wash and apply ointment morning and night. Avoid working out due to sweat and possible infection. The eyebrows will appear DARK!  That's normal, the pigment is oxidizing. 

No Make-up

Day three-five: 

The skin should now be healing and scabbing. This can create a white patchy look. This is normal (the eyebrows are not disappearing)! Do NOT scratch or peel skin. Ok to work out with sweat band to avoid excessive water on eyebrows.

Up to ten days: 

Avoid excessive direct sun. Avoid Swimming. Ok to use make-up once skin has healed.


Don't panic! The eyebrows will appear very dark at first. They will fade 30% from the time you leave until the time your return for your touch up. Have faith in the two step process. The shape will soften and shrink and many things can be adjusted at the touch up appointment. 


See you in 4-10 weeks!